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Our Boiler Energy Efficiency System Guaranteed To Save You Money

Guaranteed energy savings

Guaranteed to reduce your energy consumption and save money
Up to 18% reduced energy consumption
No upfront or capital costs
Works with most boiler systems
Proven in laboratory tests and real-world installations
Minimal disruption and downtime during installation
Simple add-on to your current system
Saves You Money
BeepBox is our remarkable energy-saving system that has been proven in laboratory tests to deliver savings of up to 18%.
Simple add-on to your current system
BeepBox is an add-on to your existing heating control system. It can be quickly installed with minimal disruption and downtime.
Low Cost
There are no installation, up-front or capital costs with BeepBox. You rent the system from us for a monthly subscription.
Guaranteed savings
We guarantee that you’ll save money with BeepBox.

If, during the first 3 months after installation, the system isn’t saving you money, we will remove it at no cost and give you a full refund of all charges you’ve incurred.
No impact on heat output
BeepBox works by targeting inefficiencies found in heating control systems, reducing wasted energy while not impacting the heat output to the building.
Works with any system
BeepBox works with any gas boiler system but is particularly effective for larger systems (over 200kWh boiler output) and older systems.
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What is BeepBox?

BeepBox is our own proprietary design and isn’t available elsewhere. The system is designed to target inefficiencies inherent in the design of most heating control systems.

BeepBox is a specialised control system that is installed alongside your existing system. It is non-invasive and there is no additional plumbing or pipework is required. The installation comprises our BeepBox control system and some additional sensors to accurately measure the status and temperatures in your boiler system.

Using proprietary algorithms, we reduce boiler output at specific periods in the heating cycle to maintain heating output whilst reducing wasted energy. In addition, during the commissioning process, we tailor BeepBox to the specific needs and characteristics of your system to ensure optimum performance.


BeepBox has been shown to reduce energy consumption by 17.6% in laboratory tests, a figure supported by real-world data from actual installations. In addition, very few buildings have their basic heating system correctly configured and optimised.

As part of the BeepBox installation and commissioning process we will survey the whole system and make recommendations for further enhancements. Overall improvements of 25% or more are not uncommon.
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