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Date: April 19, 2023

The Importance Of BeMS Maintenance

Maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient environment is crucial for any building, whether it's an office, a hospital, or a manufacturing facility.

A Building Energy Management System (BeMS) is a vital tool that helps building owners and facility managers control and optimise their energy usage.

By constantly monitoring and adjusting heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation systems, BeMS can significantly reduce energy consumption and costs, improve occupant comfort, and promote sustainability.

However, to ensure that a BeMS continues to function effectively, it's essential to perform regular maintenance and upgrades. And many people won’t be aware that this service is not included in your standard boiler service.

Which is where companies like Javelin Controls can help.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of maintaining your Building Energy Management System and the benefits it can provide for your facility and how to go about getting it serviced.

BeMS Maintenance

Most sites will maintain their boilers regularly and probably have a maintenance agreement.

As mentioned above, this will cover maintenance of the boiler itself but not the systems that control it.

We wanted to stress this because some building owners may not realise that boiler maintenance does not include the BeMS system or that the BeMS system needs maintenance.

Why Is BeMS Maintenance Important?

A Building Energy Management System is a complex network of mechanical and electronic components that work together to control and optimise a building's energy usage.

However, like any system, a BeMS can experience malfunctions or failures that impact its performance and efficiency.

One common cause of BeMS issues is mechanical components that fail due to age or wear and tear. This can include sensors, valves, actuators, and other devices that regulate the heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation systems.

Another factor that can cause problems is wiring, which can become damaged or disconnected over time, resulting in inaccurate readings or system failures.

Additionally, battery backup failure can be a cause of BeMS malfunctions. The backup battery is crucial for ensuring the system continues functioning during a power outage. If the battery fails, it can lead to unexpected shutdowns or data loss, affecting the system's overall performance.

Regular maintenance and monitoring of a BeMS can help identify these issues and prevent them from impacting the system's effectiveness and efficiency.

BeMS Maintenance: Key Processes

Regular BeMS maintenance involves various processes, including monitoring, testing, and calibrating the system's components, such as sensors, controllers, and communication networks.

It also involves updating the software and firmware, performing security checks and backups, and identifying and fixing any system faults or errors.

In addition, BeMS maintenance can include data analysis and reporting, which helps identify energy usage patterns and potential improvement areas.

Let’s examine some of the most important processes involved with BeMS maintenance.

System and Programming

Over time, changes in the building's occupancy, usage, or infrastructure can impact the system's programming and cause inefficiencies or malfunctions.

By regularly checking the system's programming, BeMS technicians can identify and address any issues, optimise system performance, and ensure that the system operates in accordance with the building's current requirements.

Moreover, verifying the accuracy and functionality of the system's programming can help prevent energy waste, improve occupant comfort, and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns or system failures.

For example, a power failure on site - or if the system is disconnected for any period - can cause issues if the backup battery has failed.

Sensors, thermostats

Checking sensors and thermostats is a crucial part of regular BeMS maintenance because they collect and transmit critical data about the building's environment to the system's controllers.

Faulty or poorly calibrated sensors and thermostats can lead to inaccurate readings, resulting in inefficient or ineffective operation of the BeMS.
This can cause increased energy usage, reduced occupant comfort, and even system failures.

Therefore, checking and calibrating sensors and thermostats as part of regular BeMS maintenance can help ensure that the system operates accurately and efficiently, reducing energy waste and costs while maximising occupant comfort.


In conclusion, maintaining your Building Energy Management System (BeMS) is essential for ensuring that your building remains energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable.

Regular BeMS maintenance involves monitoring, testing, and calibrating the system's components, updating the software and firmware, and analysing data to identify potential areas for improvement.

Building owners and facility managers can optimise the system's performance, reduce energy waste and costs, and extend its lifespan by conducting these tasks.

Moreover, BeMS maintenance can help prevent unexpected breakdowns or failures, minimising the risk of costly repairs and downtime.

If you want to ensure that your BeMS operates at peak performance, consider partnering with an experienced HVAC company that can provide expert maintenance and support services.

With proper care and attention, Javelin Controls can help ensure your BeMS will continue providing optimal energy management and occupant comfort for years.

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