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Date: March 4, 2022

How Javelin Can Help You Save Money With A Hybrid Heating System

Plenty of building improvements are becoming part of new hybrid technology schemes where we pair current systems with state of the art, sustainable solutions. The idea is to move towards a more cost-effective and energy-efficient product. Standard boilers can get expensive quickly over the winter. However, you could save money with a hybrid heating system and see other benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint.

This modern way of warming your business provides a combination of heat pumps that offer plenty of advantages along with conventional systems like gas boilers. Together, you have a system that becomes far more cost-effective and eco friendly. But there are plenty of other reasons for this approach becoming more popular. We have put together this list of ways we can help you save money with a hybrid heating system and what other benefits are in store for you.

1. Energy Saving

On its own, a boiler has to use a lot of energy to produce the same amount of output as a heat pump. Because of this, traditional boilers never reach 100% efficiency, meaning you will be using more energy to power the system than you’re getting back as heat!

Heat pumps are excellent at generating heat while using a small amount of energy. In fact, the numbers can be astonishing - transferring up to 3 times as much energy as they need to run. This just goes to show how much you could be saving on your electricity bill to achieve the same output by making even partial use of a hybrid heating system.

The idea of using both in tandem means that heat pumps will be active for the majority of the time you need them. But as traditional gas boilers perform better in plummeting temperatures - the system will kick in to top up your business over particularly cold days or evenings.

The advantage here is that you are not losing the power associated with a boiler, but you can benefit from the energy efficiency of a heat pump. This ensures your building is prioritising the cost-efficient method, but making use of each when it is most suitable.

2. Lower Heating Bills

While a heat pump uses some electricity to run, it does not need extra fuel in the form of gas or oil to produce its output. While you pay a supplier to run a traditional boiler - pumps will run on free energy from the air around and a minimal amount of electricity.

The heat pump will carry out a pre-heat process and the boiler will then raise the temperature to that required. This means that they are both operating at the same time. However, with heat being produced from the boiler element less often, you won’t be paying as much for gas.

Since the temperature of the water entering the boiler has been pre-heated, the boiler has to use less energy to heat it to the required temperature. When you manage to reduce the running costs and other fees associated with boilers, you could be looking at some significant savings!

As energy and fuel prices have risen so rapidly in recent months, now seems like a better time than ever to invest in this modern technology. People are trying to save money wherever they can, so don’t take a hit from out of date appliances. Contact Javelin today to learn more.

3. Save On Insulation

In order to benefit from and make the most of the heat output when using a heat pump on its own, commercial buildings will have to be highly insulated and properly maintained. This allows heat to remain inside without losing the precious output and having to run the system for extended periods to maintain a constant temperature.

As a result, it can cost thousands to ensure each roof, wall and window is properly fitted and insulated to trap the most heat possible throughout the winter and remain cool in the summer. But you can save money with a hybrid heating system as the heat pumps can generate so much output and will be paired with the boiler’s output for extra heat.

You can run them for longer periods of time, without even having to worry about the same level of expense as heating from a boiler. So not only will you be saving on fuel, using greener energy and lowering your carbon footprint, but you won’t have to fork out for extreme standards of insulation. It is a much more reliable method that we can help you install.

4. Long-Lasting

You’d be lucky to get more than around 10 years out of your standard boiler and maybe less if you’re using it to heat large premises. This is simply because it uses a lot of power to draw energy from the fuel and pump it into the building or to heat water. However, when you invest in a hybrid approach, you can be sure that the boiler function will only be used when necessary.

This means, you are not relying on it as much to act as the main heating element and so it will inevitably last far longer. When a new boiler system can cost upwards of £10,000, you want that money to be put to use for as long as possible.

Not only that but working in collaboration with a heat pump will mean that despite the upkeep of a regular maintenance schedule, the cost of this should be lower. This will save costs on call out charges, labour fees and part replacement. As well as general running costs reducing, the unlikely need for constant checks and replacements will see significant savings in the long run.

5. Renewable Energy Source

Solar Panels in a green field

Oil and gas boilers are known for heavily polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. The use of fossil fuels, while still necessary in some cases, is being reduced greatly as technology advances and we make the move towards a net-zero approach.

Renewable energy sources such as heat pumps, solar power and wind turbines are excellent alternatives that offer cleaner output and can contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint. While fully electric sources will take priority, hybrid heating systems move us in the right direction towards a fully renewable product.

However, as they supply us with renewable energy – they also help us to overcome the limitations of an individual heat pump. This includes a low-temperature output whereby they become less effective in the varying and plummeting temperatures we’re so familiar with, in the UK. So by utilising both sides, we are positively contributing to the environment and ensuring we warm our businesses in the best, most efficient way possible.

Save Money With A Hybrid Heating System: Even More Benefits

Not only can this method ensure you cut costs on energy bills and fees associated with maintenance, repair or replacement – but it can ensure you are living the most environmentally friendly and convenient life possible.

Technology Integration

These days, your office can be warm before you even walk through the door. You no longer need to arrive at work and suffer from a cold office, because the advancement in technology and our state of the art controls means you can monitor and change the status of your heaters from anywhere.

Cooling AND Heating

Another great advantage of a heat pump is that it can work in reverse. This means that instead of paying even more for a top of the range air conditioning unit - your heat pump element of a hybrid system can remove the heat for you. It works in a similar way but will still offer the benefits of energy efficiency and a renewable output.

As we know, the UK seasons can be hit and miss with temperatures varying up to 20 degrees in a single day some months. The advantage of this function is knowing you have the ability to efficiently heat your building and then cool it with the same device when needed. This eliminates the need for more expensive equipment that will inevitably need cleaning, maintenance and will take up space in your building.

Let’s Discuss Your Heating And Control Needs

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to save money with a hybrid heating system and even more benefits to go with it.

We should all be making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and invest in cleaner means of heating or cooling our offices. These products offer this amazing advantage while tackling the limitations a heat pump may provide on its own.

Not only that, but they can help save on external costs associated with traditional boilers and the need to control these processes more easily. So if you want more advice on how we can help integrate these new technologies into your commercial building, don’t wait to get in touch.

A fully automated system will give you the freedom and reassurance you need. For more information about building management or HVAC systems, you can ring us, or email sales@javelincontrols.co.uk. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and find a customised solution to suit your needs.

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