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Maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient environment is crucial for any building, whether it's an office, a hospital, or a manufacturing facility.

A Building Energy Management System (BeMS) is a vital tool that helps building owners and facility managers control and optimise their energy usage.

By constantly monitoring and adjusting heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation systems, BeMS can significantly reduce energy consumption and costs, improve occupant comfort, and promote sustainability.

However, to ensure that a BeMS continues to function effectively, it's essential to perform regular maintenance and upgrades. And many people won’t be aware that this service is not included in your standard boiler service.

Which is where companies like Javelin Controls can help.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of maintaining your Building Energy Management System and the benefits it can provide for your facility and how to go about getting it serviced.

BeMS Maintenance

Most sites will maintain their boilers regularly and probably have a maintenance agreement.

As mentioned above, this will cover maintenance of the boiler itself but not the systems that control it.

We wanted to stress this because some building owners may not realise that boiler maintenance does not include the BeMS system or that the BeMS system needs maintenance.

Why Is BeMS Maintenance Important?

A Building Energy Management System is a complex network of mechanical and electronic components that work together to control and optimise a building's energy usage.

However, like any system, a BeMS can experience malfunctions or failures that impact its performance and efficiency.

One common cause of BeMS issues is mechanical components that fail due to age or wear and tear. This can include sensors, valves, actuators, and other devices that regulate the heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation systems.

Another factor that can cause problems is wiring, which can become damaged or disconnected over time, resulting in inaccurate readings or system failures.

Additionally, battery backup failure can be a cause of BeMS malfunctions. The backup battery is crucial for ensuring the system continues functioning during a power outage. If the battery fails, it can lead to unexpected shutdowns or data loss, affecting the system's overall performance.

Regular maintenance and monitoring of a BeMS can help identify these issues and prevent them from impacting the system's effectiveness and efficiency.

BeMS Maintenance: Key Processes

Regular BeMS maintenance involves various processes, including monitoring, testing, and calibrating the system's components, such as sensors, controllers, and communication networks.

It also involves updating the software and firmware, performing security checks and backups, and identifying and fixing any system faults or errors.

In addition, BeMS maintenance can include data analysis and reporting, which helps identify energy usage patterns and potential improvement areas.

Let’s examine some of the most important processes involved with BeMS maintenance.

System and Programming

Over time, changes in the building's occupancy, usage, or infrastructure can impact the system's programming and cause inefficiencies or malfunctions.

By regularly checking the system's programming, BeMS technicians can identify and address any issues, optimise system performance, and ensure that the system operates in accordance with the building's current requirements.

Moreover, verifying the accuracy and functionality of the system's programming can help prevent energy waste, improve occupant comfort, and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns or system failures.

For example, a power failure on site - or if the system is disconnected for any period - can cause issues if the backup battery has failed.

Sensors, thermostats

Checking sensors and thermostats is a crucial part of regular BeMS maintenance because they collect and transmit critical data about the building's environment to the system's controllers.

Faulty or poorly calibrated sensors and thermostats can lead to inaccurate readings, resulting in inefficient or ineffective operation of the BeMS.
This can cause increased energy usage, reduced occupant comfort, and even system failures.

Therefore, checking and calibrating sensors and thermostats as part of regular BeMS maintenance can help ensure that the system operates accurately and efficiently, reducing energy waste and costs while maximising occupant comfort.


In conclusion, maintaining your Building Energy Management System (BeMS) is essential for ensuring that your building remains energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable.

Regular BeMS maintenance involves monitoring, testing, and calibrating the system's components, updating the software and firmware, and analysing data to identify potential areas for improvement.

Building owners and facility managers can optimise the system's performance, reduce energy waste and costs, and extend its lifespan by conducting these tasks.

Moreover, BeMS maintenance can help prevent unexpected breakdowns or failures, minimising the risk of costly repairs and downtime.

If you want to ensure that your BeMS operates at peak performance, consider partnering with an experienced HVAC company that can provide expert maintenance and support services.

With proper care and attention, Javelin Controls can help ensure your BeMS will continue providing optimal energy management and occupant comfort for years.

The need to reduce energy consumption has never been more pressing.

On top of the long-term push towards sustainability, we've seen a huge rise in energy costs due to the war in Ukraine.

So, we thought it was a timely opportunity to look at how best to improve commercial building energy efficiency.

How To Improve Energy Efficiency In Buildings

Surprisingly, although some energy-saving advice is available for homes, more needs to be said about commercial premises. Yet, there is an opportunity for many buildings to easily save 25% on fuel bills with minimum cost and disruption simply by following a simple 3-step formula:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Optimisation
  3. BeepBox

Let’s explore each step in more detail.

Step 1 – Maintenance

Gas boiler systems need regular maintenance to work at their optimum efficiency, and most sites have programs in place to ensure this happens.

However, only a few sites also regularly maintain their heating control system. The control system controls the boilers and directs the heating around the building. Without regular maintenance, sensors can become faulty, fail intermittently or fall out of spec, which causes the heating system to generate heat when not required, wasting energy.

Regular maintenance will pick up these issues (including any boiler cycling problems) and rectify them for minimal cost and with minimal disruption.

Step 2 – Optimisation

Optimisation means optimising the system to the needs of the building's users.

This is rarely done, usually because it's difficult and because of a lack of awareness of what systems can do.

Many control systems reside within the plant room of the building.

They were probably programmed when the system was installed and then never revisited. In the meantime, the needs of the building could have changed many times, and that original programming is no longer appropriate.

Part of the problem is that these systems were never designed to be easy to use. However, it is easy to upgrade a control system.

The overall heating system and boilers remain unchanged, and the system's efficiency improves.

Costs and downtime are minimised, but the return on investment can be significant.

Step 3 – BeepBox

The final step is to install an additional control system whose job is to optimise the running of the boiler.

The remarkable BeepBox system from Javelin can reduce gas consumption by up to 18%

What Is A BeepBox?

BeepBox is a unique product designed and built by our expert engineers to enable users to make significant savings on their energy consumption.

The system is designed to target inefficiencies inherent in the design of most heating control systems.

How Much Energy Can BeepBox Save?

BeepBox has been shown to reduce energy consumption by 17.6% in laboratory tests, a figure supported by real-world data from actual installations.

In addition, only a few buildings have their basic heating system correctly configured and optimised.

As part of the BeepBox installation and commissioning process, we will survey the whole system and make recommendations for further enhancements.

In practice, we’ve seen overall improvements of 25% or more. We’re confident BeepBox will save users money and have created a unique guarantee to make BeepBox a no-risk proposition.

How Does BeepBox Work?

The unique system is designed to target inefficiencies inherent in the design of most heating control systems.

Our BeepBox is a specialised control system that is installed alongside your existing system. It is non-invasive from a mechanical perspective and requires minimal downtime of the current system.

No additional plumbing or pipework is required. The installation comprises our BeepBox control system and some additional sensors to accurately measure the status and temperatures in your boiler system.

Using proprietary algorithms, we reduce boiler output at specific periods in the heating cycle to maintain heating output whilst reducing wasted energy.

In addition, during the commissioning process, we tailor BeepBox to your system's specific needs and characteristics to ensure optimum performance.

Because BeepBox work by targeting inefficiencies found in heating control systems, wasted energy can be reduced without having any impact on the heat output to the building.

Guaranteed Savings

We guarantee that you’ll save money with a BeepBox.

And we don't say that lightly.

If the system isn't saving you money during the first three months after installation, we will remove it - at no cost - and give you a full refund of all charges you've incurred.

How Much Does The BeepBox Cost?

We aim to keep costs down as much as possible for our clients.

That’s why we do not charge any installation, up-front or capital costs.

Instead, you rent the system from us by paying a monthly subscription.

These subscription charges will depend on the size of your building and the current boiler system.

There’s a calculator on our website where you can see how much you could save with BeepBox.

Find Out More About Improving Energy Efficiency In Buildings

Contact Javelin today to learn more about BeepBox, their design, how they work and their energy-saving ability.

Our expert engineers will be happy to talk through any queries you may have and – following a site visit – give you an idea of monthly subscription costs.

You can get in touch by calling 023 9400 4123 or by emailing sales@javelincontrols.co.uk

More information can be found on our contact page.

More About Javelin Controls

Javelin Controls Limited was originally formed 14 years ago and has subsequently developed to the stage where, in addition to supporting Hampshire and West Sussex County Councils, both directly and indirectly, in all things controls-related, it has also successfully completed a £1.3M contract for Hampshire County Council providing their schools portfolio with Boiler Energy Efficiency controls packages.

Get in touch with the Javelin Controls team to transform your work environment with a high-quality building management system. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your control and HVAC system requirements and find a customised solution to suit your business needs.

Businesses of all sizes are optimising workplace heating or looking at ways to incorporate more energy-efficient and low-cost strategies. With rising energy tariffs and increased awareness of our environmental impact, it's time to look at all the possibilities.

There are several options available to businesses, many of which are championed by the Government. They include solar panels , heat pumps and other products that boost efficiency & directly impact your carbon footprint.

While these are desirable options with their own advantages, investing in a Building Energy Management System might be your best bet.

BeMS are becoming increasingly intelligent and can impact your finances and CO2 savings. They are also cheaper to install, less disruptive and will provide users with immediate benefits.

We've previously looked at the benefits of BeMS over traditional heating methods, but let’s take a look at the reason for these systems being the ideal starting point when it comes to optimising workplace heating.

Financial Benefits Of Energy Management Systems For Commercial Buildings

Lower Initial Costs

The initial purchase of a heat pump or the cost of buying and installing solar panels is often enough to make people think twice.

The promise of a long-term return on investment can be the selling point, and while this may be the case in the future, optimising workplace heating should ideally offer you an immediate benefit.

A quality Building Energy Management System will boost efficiency and reduce the need for manual intervention right away.

This means that not only could you be saving on the system's initial price by choosing a BeMS, but you are more likely to notice quick results and lower bills.

Maximise Return On Your Existing Systems

As well as cutting installation costs, many businesses are looking for quick-fix solutions without understanding which areas of their systems need repairing. This can result in companies replacing systems that are still in working order.

Those who don’t understand the possibility of a quick repair or perhaps don’t have time to research professionals like Javelin Controls may assume replacements are the only option. Less qualified companies may also push them to replace entire systems if they think there is money to be made.

That's why a thorough understanding and information from resources such as our blogs can be invaluable.

Instead of switching to solar panels or heat pumps while your current equipment is still in good condition, utilise the function of a BeMS to maximise your return.

Linking your systems to a control panel will ensure they are being optimised and utilised to their full potential. Energy costs can be reduced because a BeMS can more precisely match heating output to the exact needs of the building vs. just turning the heating on using a program timer that was probably programmed years ago and forgotten about.

Maximising The Efficiency Of Energy Management Systems For Commercial Buildings

So, a BeMS could save you money both in the short and long term.

But as well as financial incentives, reducing overall energy consumption can also positively impact the environment.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a BeMS from Javelin Controls - or already have one installed - every step must be taken to achieve full optimisation and utilise all of its capabilities.

Correct Programming

Once installed, Building Energy Management Systems must be programmed correctly for your premises.

For example, managing each area and component can be a struggle if you have a large site.

But programming a heating system via a nice UI is far easier than trying to use a program timer or the front panel of an older control system in the plant room.

Each room in your property will need heating at different times and in different amounts. This will depend on a few factors:

Ensuring every precaution and every factor is considered whilst programming your system will optimise its performance.

That’s why we always recommend communicating your priorities in terms of efficiency and function during the initial consultation.

Specialising in BeMS controls, our team is well equipped to optimise workplace heating and cooling and can link every aspect of your building together in one holistic group.

Complement Your BeMS With Intelligent Sensors

Sensors are a great way to get the most out of your systems.

They can carry a vast array of highly targeted and accurate data.

Sensors can help increase the capacity of your BeMS and its capabilities to match the needs of your business more closely.

The sensors may be linked to:

These sensors can be tailored for your building’s particular configuration and will minimise the risk of incorrect adjustments.

However, it is vital to check that they are operating correctly and measuring the correct levels accurately. Service engineers will be able to run checks as they monitor your BeMS, and you can add sensors when you feel it is needed.

This allows you to keep up with any growth and expansion that may happen over the years. Your BeMS will be able to keep up with demand and prolong the life of your current systems without reinvesting in simple, single-function products like solar panels.

Optimise Workplace Heating With Javelin Controls

If you’d like to learn more about building management systems or other HVAC controls, head over to our website or have a read of some of the blogs we’ve written in the past.

Before jumping into the more fashionable solutions, a BEMS should be your first port of call. It can save you money on the initial purchase, and you'll be much more likely to benefit from immediate results.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution that will maximise the potential of your current set-up, get in touch with the team on 023 9400 4123 or email sales@javelincontrols.co.uk.

We can help you to transform your environment with a high-quality building management system. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and find a customised solution to suit your needs.

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to save money and cut costs on bills, budgets and general maintenance costs.

The UK – and much of the rest of the world – is currently facing a cost-of-living crisis, with energy bills soaring.

As a result, you will want to keep an eye on the amount of energy your commercial heating systems are wasting.

Often it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest control system to save costs.

While this may save you a few pennies initially, these systems could prove more expensive long term. The cheaper products don't have the same capabilities as top-of-the-range commercial heating systems.

As a result, businesses are losing out on energy savings and efficiency within their property.

Investing in a quality building energy management system (BEMS) can make all the difference.

What Is A Building Energy Management System?

We’ve previously written about building management systems here at Javelin Controls (the benefits of a BMS and 5 key features of a BMS).


The terms BMS and BEMS are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences.

The most notable difference is that a BEMS manages energy-related systems. In contrast, a BMS monitors and controls a broader range of building systems such as fire alarms, CCTV, and motion sensors.

When it comes to energy efficiency, they are an essential part of any property’s strategy.

As a computer-based system, they can monitor and control various equipment simultaneously. They omit the need for human intervention and reduce the risk of things running when they shouldn't.

You can automatically control power points in your building and monitor them constantly - increasing and reducing output depending on their requirements. This will stop the need for constant heating, cooling or other energy-wasting activities.

Furthermore, having heating systems linked to your BEMS means it will represent around 40% of the building's energy usage.

With this in mind, investing in a quality control system could see you making the most of this energy and ensuring it is being used in ways that will benefit costs and reduce waste.

Why Are Traditional Heating Control Systems Wasting Energy?

The average commercial building wastes about 30% of its energy produced.

This could be for several reasons:

That last point is quite important: you rely on staff to keep the room at a comfortable temperature - hoping that the thermostat is controlled accurately and not tampered with.

BEMS chart

Your employees will all be most comfortable in different environments, and finding that happy medium can be near impossible.

Instead of resorting to arguments and blankets, a quality BEMS can ensure your building runs as efficiently as possible and caters to the majority.

How Does A Building Energy Management System Save Energy?

There are many ways that a BEMS can help your business save energy.

A quality system can control as much as 84% of your building's energy consumption.

By doing so, you could be saving money and significantly contributing to the improvement of your carbon footprint.

Let’s look at some energy-saving benefits of Building Energy Management Systems over traditional heating control systems.


By monitoring usage and demand, a BEMS can implement strategies to ensure you use less energy during peak times - prioritising the equipment and areas that need it most.

This capability also helps you better understand how and where you use most of your energy.

With a clearer understanding of energy usage, you can better predict how you will need to use certain systems in the future. As a result, you have more time to respond to issues and adjust your usage as it happens.

Weather Compensation

This function relies on a signal being received from the Building Energy Management System.

Room temperature data will be interpreted, and a control valve will help deliver the necessary output.

This ensures that only an optimal amount of energy is used while keeping the room at a constant temperature.

So instead of delivering constant heat at all times, it will recognise what is proportional to the external temperature and modulate the output to keep internal environments comfortable.

This reduces the need for the simpler on-off control you'd associate with general radiators and fan heaters, which can result in overheating a room and wasting energy by opening windows and doors.

Advantages of modulating control include:

Optimised Start/Stop

Optimised start/stop means the system 'learns' how long a room takes to warm up and cool down.

This allows room temperatures to be programmed differently. Instead of 'turn heating on at 6 am and heat to 20 degrees', the system is programmed to 'ensure the room is at 20 degrees by 8 am', for example.

Likewise, instead of 'turn off heating at 6 pm', you program it to ensure it’s at 20 degrees until 6 pm.

In each case, the system uses its knowledge of heating and cooling times to turn the heating on and off. This saves both money and energy as the system is used optimally.

In addition, by adding external sensors, the system can adjust its heating and cooling times accordingly (weather compensation)

Zone Control

Area or 'Zone' control is where the temperature of a specific area or zone can be controlled rather than the entire building.

You may, for example, need to keep a server room at a lower temperature than the surrounding offices.

Occupancy sensing can also help detect the presence of people and control the heating appropriately. This only works if you also have area or zone control so you can turn the heating on where those people are.

This means unoccupied rooms will not be heated – ensuring no energy is wasted.

Conversely, an area that is heavily occupied may need the majority of energy produced in the building.

To prioritise this, other systems can be linked together, making it simple for this computer-based function to recognise which rooms need heating.


There are many advantages that Building Energy Management Systems have over commercial heating systems, including:

They can cost more to install but ultimately save you money (and energy) in the long run.

By relying on the full, intelligent automation of the system, you can be assured that the optimum amount of energy will be used in your building all year round. In addition to saving you money, your staff will also thank you.

If you would like to find out more information about Building Management Systems, our team will be only too happy to answer any questions.

Our contact details can be found below.

Javelin Controls - HVAC Specialists

We have been installing building energy management systems for over 15 years in the Southeast. In that time, we’ve successfully supported hundreds of businesses with the development of their property management, optimising their workplace environment, reducing heat loss and improving overall efficiency.

Get in touch with the team on 023 9400 4123 or email sales@javelincontrols.co.uk to transform your environment with a high-quality building energy management system. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and find a customised solution to suit your needs.

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