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Date: November 21, 2021

The Impact Of Coronavirus On HVAC and What We Will Do About It

Businesses from all industries, all over the world have noticed the incredible impact as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Remote working has become the norm for those who can. It is a way to keep employees safe while still running at an acceptable capacity.

But for those who have remained at work as normal or began venturing back into the office again - it has raised some concerns about general health and cleanliness. The impact of Coronavirus on HVAC resulted in guidance to keep air flowing and open doors or windows where possible. It reduces the number of pollutants and germs floating about in our buildings and refreshes the environment more regularly.

This has meant that many businesses are now looking for better ways to improve the air quality and circulation in order to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, while not relying on open doors that bring in cold air and could pose a security risk.

The Importance Of Ventilation

We have laws in place to ensure adequate ventilation within a workplace. During the pandemic, this has become ever more crucial. Not only have we recognised its role in reducing the spread of viruses and germs, but more people are actively seeking out help from companies like us and the systems we provide to improve air quality.

Someone with Covid-19 will breathe out small particles of the virus into the air around them which can easily be inhaled or transferred to a healthy individual. Adequate ventilation helps to reduce how many of these particles remain in the air and mitigate the spread.

When we work to improve our personal hygiene, workspace cleanliness and abide by social distancing rules in partnership with proper ventilation - we can help to keep ourselves and those around us safer.

In order to produce the best possible outcome, your systems need to be minimising air recirculation. Dirty filters and old controls can be culprits for poor ventilation in homes and businesses. Contact us today to ensure your space is up to date.

How Can You Improve The Air Quality In Your Commercial Building?

Our blog, 8 ways to improve your indoor air quality and breathe better will explain these ideas in more detail. However, to get you started - here are some things you can do right now to make a change and create a healthier space for your team. The impact of Coronavirus on HVAC is clear, so making these improvements today could see great benefits long term.

  • Invest in a Building Management System to regulate your ventilation systems
  • Carry out regular filter inspections & maintenance on your HVAC systems
  • Prevent condensation by regulating temperature
  • Keep floors & carpets clean
  • Increase air circulation in small offices

Building Management Systems & The Pandemic

We have discussed the impact of Coronavirus on HVAC. But a large part of what we do at Javelin is focused on BMSs and controls. As the world continues to grapple with Covid-19 and the changing expectations for how we live, this side of the industry has made a different contribution.

Although many buildings remained unoccupied during the start of the pandemic - there were still elements that needed to remain functioning. What better time to make use of automation systems and keep businesses running with reduced manpower?

With the introduction of furlough and the work from home advice given by the government, automation systems and controls allowed people to run their properties and manage certain aspects of them from elsewhere. This reduced the need for in-house maintenance and checks from employees or security staff.

In buildings that lacked this technology, efforts were still being made to ensure lighting, ventilation, and other HVAC systems were in working order. Especially in industries that rely heavily on cooling for technology and computer systems - it was important to keep everything running as normal. However, without the ability to control this autonomously, staff were still expected to return to the building and carry out checks.

To mitigate any potential health risks this poses, building management systems could be used to ensure high-risk staff and other individuals were kept safe. Not only does it pose safety benefits, but for business owners with properties all over the world - this kind of technology can be used amongst the travel restrictions. Not being able to visit sites during the pandemic was one of the causes for many facing administration. Being able to keep up with the building security, management and maintenance remotely have been vital.

Javelin Controls

As we have mentioned in this article, the pandemic has proved to cause major disruption for many industries. The impact of Coronavirus on HVAC has also been prominent, but we are lucky in the ways we could assist many businesses and homes during these unprecedented times.

It is because of this we remind our customers of the importance of BMS maintenance, installation and ensure you work with professional teams like ourselves. We are all aware that we are yet to see the other side of the virus, so getting on top of technology like this now could be crucial for success in the coming months and years.

We should all be making air quality and ventilation a top priority to reduce the spread of Covid and keep as many people as we can safe. For more information on where to start or for advice on our controls and other products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get in touch with the Javelin Controls team to transform your work environment with a high-quality building management system or HVAC control. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your control and system requirements and find a customised solution to suit your business needs.

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