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Date: November 3, 2022

What Are Intelligent Building Systems? And How Can Javelin Controls Help Prepare You To Upgrade?

Post-pandemic life is beginning to return to normal – or perhaps a new normal. In many ways, the ‘working from home’ culture, which was enforced upon many of the working population, made us both grateful for the technology that facilitated its feasibility but also increased our demand for more significant improvements. Especially for those required to return to the office.

The expectations for commercial buildings to provide bespoke services to better our home office environment could not be greater. The office is truly competing with the home. And that is why ‘intelligent building systems’ are becoming an ever-more present landscape in our towns and cities.

But what are intelligent building systems? And what can Javelin Controls do to help us future-proof our HVAC infrastructure?

This blog will examine the benefits of intelligent building systems and how Javelin Controls can help expand your existing technology.

What Are Intelligent Buildings?

Let’s start by looking at the definition of intelligent buildings.

The term can describe various systems, all of which are designed to ensure better security and efficient climate control.

But if we were going to go with one overarching definition, the Chartered Institution of

Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) defines an intelligent building as: "one that provides a productive and cost-effective environment based on three basic elements: people, products, and processes”.

Modern, intelligent building design integrates Internet Of Things (IoT)-connected devices (such as cloud computing, augmented reality, and other systems) into a single platform.

So, for example, if an intelligent building knows that someone normally walks into a room at 10 am, it can adjust HVAC systems accordingly to ensure the temperature is at a comfortable level. It can also tell if the individual does not arrive, adapting the HVAC to save energy. Not only does this make the environment comfortable for that particular worker, but it also works to conserve energy and costs.

In terms of applications, there are countless possibilities for the technology.

The example used above is representative of the majority of designers’ desires to cater for the corporate world. But in commercial real estate spheres, smart apartments and intelligent buildings can complement each other by tapping into a facility-wide network and granting specific permissions to authorised tenants. The front door key could become a thing of the past.

Benefits Of Intelligent Building Technology

We’ve touched on some of the benefits of intelligent building technology already.

But why is the technology so important?

Let’s look at some of the most significant advantages in a little more detail.

Building efficiency

Intelligent buildings have sensors that can provide essential data about how the building is being used. So, for example, real-time adjustments can be made about the amount of heat and light required for specific areas.

These sensors can also help identify areas that are used consistently and those that aren't. This can allow managers to optimise space utilisation and therefore help facilitate growth.

Reduced energy consumption

And an essential by-product of a more efficient building is the impact this can have on energy consumption.

Smart technology could help save anywhere between 5% - 35%, which not only saves money but also help make the building more environmentally sustainable.

Predictive maintenance

When an IBMS runs a building, it can help identify future maintenance issues before they even arise.

Preventive maintenance, therefore, becomes a core function of facility upkeep. When you have a more insightful overview of how the building operates – and is used - it's far easier to implement maintenance at the right time.

Increased occupant satisfaction & productivity

Because intelligent buildings can offer improved lighting, air flow quality, thermal comfort and sanitation facilities, those working on-site get to benefit.

Businesses can benefit from an increased employee retention rate, and productivity can be seen to grow thanks to the more confirmable workspace.

What Is An Intelligent Building Management System?

Intelligent buildings are being designed and constructed in major towns and cities worldwide.

But what is it that actually makes them intelligent? And can that technology be introduced to existing ‘non-intelligent’ buildings?

Modern buildings are made up of a complex network of systems, all of which need to be controlled by a facilities manager. Traditionally, they include:

  • Security
  • HVAC
  • electrical power
  • lighting
  • building access

Of course, as structures continue to modernise, the number of systems that need to be managed continue to grow. An IBMS can grow with them, meaning - in theory - they can become 'future-proof'.

Traditionally, these settings have all been controlled separately. But an intelligent building management system can put them all into one place.

The Differences Between Intelligent Buildings And BEMS

Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS) refer to systems used to control and automate many of the functions associated with building management.

But it is the 'I' part of IBMS (which stands for intelligent) that represents a new level of complexity that traditional BeMS cannot achieve.

While a BeMS could turn on the lights and heat at a particular time in the morning, an IBMS could turn on the lights and heat when a specific person comes into the office and then adjust the brightness and temperature levels to that individual's preference.

How Javelin Controls Can Help

Javelin Controls has decades of experience supporting commercial clients across the South East with their HVAC needs.

Our expert team designs, installs, and maintains BeMS and IBMS systems, advising on their capabilities and what would best suit individual commercial sites.

We also know that requirements change. Future-proofing can be difficult, but we help ensure that our clients have the most options available to them when they upgrade their systems.

That’s why all the systems we install have intelligent building management built in. So, if a customer initially wants a system that controls their HVAC, we install systems that could potentially expand into a full smart-building control system later down the line.

Contact Javelin

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Our team of experts will be happy to discuss ways to help your commercial building utilise its current systems to maximise efficiency and identify any improvements that could be made.

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